What is a short sale?
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IRS: Have your tax questions answered here.
Download  Form-982: 'Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to
Discharge of Indebtedness' Give this to your accountant after
your short sale.
*Also, learn about the IRS
PUBLICATON 4862 -regarding
cancelled debts, foreclosures, repossessions and

-'Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives": Learn more
about this short sale program & receive money at closing.
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'Making Home Affordable' programs- Helps borrowers whose
loans are held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac refinance into a
more affordable mortgage. Learn about the HAMP program and

HAP- Military Homeowner's Assistance Program. Military
personnel and federal employees who are 'under water' with
their mortgage can benefit from a program by the Department of
Defense that is administered by the US Army Corpos of
Engineers udner the Base Closure Act known as HAP.
Click here to see if you are eligible!

US Department of Treasury: great information and articles! Also
this site is providing information and data related to the 2008
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (EESA) & Troubled Asset
Relief Program (TARP) and financial tips.
Common Seller Mistakes during a short sale
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"I had the pleasure of working with Shannon Byrdsong and her team on the recent short sale of my
home. Shannon’s team was professional and very knowledgeable about the process. We put our
home on the market the first week in August, received an offer in September and closed on the
house at the end of December. We had preconceived ideas that the short sale process would be
long and tedious. With the help of Shannon’s team and mitigator, the process was relatively smooth
and pain-free. We had anticipated paying off a couple of outstanding liens at closing, but was
pleasantly surprised when the mortgage company paid the debt on our behalf. Great work
Byrdsong Team!  Thanks for all your help with this transition. We no longer have the enormous
mortgage debt on our shoulders, and we can finally start planning for a brighter future. "

Mr. and Mrs. Hutchison-Smyrna, Ga
"Call us today to learn more about your options as a homeowner!
Let's take the FIRST STEP TOGETHER!! You do have options!

-Shannon K. Byrdsong and The Byrdsong Team

Short Sale Steps
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Vandalism photos:  Avoid vacating your home or this could happen to you! Criminals are
looking for copper and will sell on the street for money. In the photos below they broke into
the home and ripped pipe out of the walls. Also, they stole the outside air conditioning unit
and ripped it to pieces!! We had to replace in order to close!
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A short sale is the process by which homeowners can sell their home for less money than
they actually owe on the mortgage(s). This is accomplished by providing proper
documentation to the lender(s) to convince them to reduce the mortgage balance to allow
the sale. If the sale is approved, the mortgage lender(s) will actually take a loss on the

If a bank approves the discount of a mortgage, the home can be sold for a price lower
than the amount owed without the seller having to come up with cash to cover the
shortfall. The mortgage is satisfied and any foreclosure process stops (in most cases).
There are cases where the mortgage company may require a promissory note to be
signed by the seller or a cash contribution is required at closing from the seller. It is based
on a case-by-case basis and until the home is listed with a broker and an offer is
received,  there is no way to know 100% what will be required from the seller.
1. List your home with us (an Exclusive Sellers Listing Agreement)
2. Request a short sale package from your mortgage company(s)
3. Inquire with  your mortgage company if you are eligible for the
HAFA program (see details below).
4. Begin preparing a hardship Letter with supporting documents
such as unemployment letters, layoff notifications, etc.
5. Monthly expense list – Budget
6. Pay Stubs and other income documentation
7. IRA / 401 K Statements and other assets
8. Last 2 months of bank statements – all pages
9. Tax Returns, all Schedules, W2’s, 1099's, etc.

*The Byrdsong Team will assist you with your questions and help
how ever we can in making this process as smooth as possible.
Gather the documents and we will facilitate the short sale and
submit the requested package and
HUD-1 to your mortgage
Shannon Byrdsong is a Realtor I have used twice. She is one of the most diligent
professionals i have ever met. Both my situations were difficult with homes that just sat
on the market for months. Shannon helped to get my property sold. Her efforts, along
with those of her short sale mitigator Ms. Coleman, helped expedite my paperwork
going to the head of the line so that we didn't lose our deal. She believed in me when I
simply wanted to give up. I would recommend Shannon and her team for any real estate
needs. Even her photos made a not so great looking house look wonderful!
Ms.Mcnair- Stone Mountain, Ga
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radio show on short sales!